What is the Mission of the Omega Brigade?

The members of the Omega Brigade work hard every day to preserve and rebuild Western Civilization by providing education and spiritual formation to all people, especially MIllennials and Gen-X-ers, so they can experience true peace, personal fulfillment, and empowerment to pray for and educate others to change our culture for the better for generations to come!

Your financial support is appreciated

Your financial support makes the mission of the Omega Brigade possuble.  While not yet tax deductible. nonetheless your support allows us to continue to spread the life giving message of the Omega Brigade to renew our society at the deepest level to help others find true lasting life in Jesus Christ.

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Discover why you were created and your special gifts and personal assignment in life!


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Do your part to truly save the world and make it  a better place for everyone!


The Omega Brigade is an international education and training support community dedicated to Jesus Christ and his mother, Mary of Nazareth. We endeavor together to bring the world population to relationship with Jesus Christ through intercessory prayer, hospitality, books, music, the arts, media, retreats, classes, and community.  We want to see the curse of death removed from everyone.