Omega Brigade COURSES

As an educational organization, Omega Brigade is proud to offer courses that are all based on the principal of "Transactional Spirituality" and transforming the individual into a strong disciple ready to take action in the mission of the Omega Brigade.  (See Transactional Spirituality below.  Go to "Essentials.")

The initial foundational course for all members is the Omega Encounter.  In this course each member learns of the Father's Plan, the Son's work,  the Spirit's mission, and the role of Mary, Mother of Jesus, Queen of heaven and earth.  The next course describes the important role played in human history by Mary of Nazareth and the Holy Spirit.  These and several additional courses will be added, and may be viewed on video in the very near future.

For those who are ready, you may choose to fast track with a mini-course entitled, "Baptized in the Holy Spirit."  You can find it on video on this website.  It is suggested that you find a quiet place with at least a half hour to watch this short  video and make the appropriate response.  Many consider this course to be a life changing event with significant positive results.  You will be the best judge for yourself.