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The Omega Brigade in Operation                              

                              The Omega Brigade is both a live community and a virtual community at the same time because we have genuine relationships, but we also use the advantages of technology to support those relationships.

           Initially, the Omega Brigade will commence with the launch of a book, supported by a website, and the utilization of both live retreat/conferences and online webinars.  Disciple groups for support and accountability can be either local and live or online via Sype, etc.

          Individuals will be able to receive all the teaching on commitment to Jesus, baptism in the Holy Spirit, consecration to Jesus through Mary, and other teachings via either a live venue or on a webinar.

There will be no charge for the initial teachings, however, full onboard members of the Omega Brigade will be offered an opportunity to donate to the ongoing maintenance and expansion of the Omega Brigade by making donation online or by check in the mail.  One can never out-give God, so we expect the members of Omega Brigade to be generous in their donations.  Scripture teaches us that the tithe (generally 10% of one’s income is both normal and historical in spiritual matters. ( See Abraham and Melchizedek in Genesis chapter 14:20, and Malachi 3:6-12)  We do not expect the members of the Omega Brigade to give 10% of their income to the Omega Brigade. Most of that should go to their local parish or spiritual group.  However, a one (1%) percent donation divided into 12 equal monthly installments, of gross revenue would be a good recommendation for each member of the Omega Brigade to give to the organization which will be established as a 501-C-3 corporation allowing the members to deduct their contributions from their taxable income. Again, these contributions are not a requirement, but they are donations.  God will bless those who contribute and work with God.  As we have said, “We can never out-give God, who also gives us more than we could ever imagine to give him.”

The Omega Brigade will be organized both domestically and internationally by cities and their surrounding areas.  Currently our thinking is to have an organization domestically in each of the following 27 cities.  These cities are “open” for applications for the position of Apostle (one sent to establish a new work).

          Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Reno, Salt Lake City, Phoenix, Denver, Albuquerque, Omaha, Dallas, Houston, Minneapolis, St. Louis, Chicago, Memphis, New Orleans, Detroit, Birmingham, Atlanta, Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington, Charlotte, and Miami.


Internationally, the 30 cities available are as follows:  London, Paris, Berlin, Brussels, Madrid, Rome, Nairobi, Johannesburg, Mumbai, Sydney, Auckland, Singapore, Tokyo, Manila, Seoul, Honolulu, Buenos Aires, San Paulo, Bogota, Mexico City, Moscow, Panama City, Beirut, Jerusalem, San Juan Puerto Rico, Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Beijing, and Stockholm.

          There is a need for at least one leader in each city.  He will be expected to establish the Omega Brigade in that city and the surrounding area.  Teams of two is good system to use, just as Jesus did.  Any leader will have his position initially temporarily until he has proven himself to be both faithful and effective.

Every member of the Omega Brigade is expected to abide by the  essential elements of the Omega Brigade as outlined above.  Here they are again:

Transactional spirituality, Expectant Faith, Baptized in the Spirit, consecrated to Jesus through Mary, Rosary, Divine Mercy, disciple groups (community), evangelization, mission, spiritual warfare,teaching,  unity, and True Blue System, Financial Support, Love of Neighbor.  

                              Membership in the Omega Brigade is the happiest and most joy filled life that one can find anywhere on earth.  Indeed, what a joy it is to know that we have exactly what each person on earth is wanting and seeking in the deepest part of their being.  What a joy it is to share the knowledge and the spiritual reality of Jesus Christ, and witness people make the change and come to life in Christ, the life they were originally and eternally destined and created for.  How eternally rewarding it will be when we are in heaven, and there we see all the others that we helped to “make it home” to the Father’s house along with us.  There we will hear our Lord and our leader say to us “Well done, good and faithful servant.  Enter into the joy of your Master.”

                    Unity and personal support for all the leaders of the cities and surrounding area will happen by means of regular master mind meetings where all gather for prayer, teaching, and refreshment.  These will be held on a regular basis in person, and supplemented by online virtual gatherings as well.

          All forms of media will be used to send out the good news of Jesus including music, videos, books, magazines, social media messages, etc.

          As the Omega Brigade rebuilds the solid Christian foundations of society, may we also see a rebuilding of western society itself for the good of everyman, and for the good of the spread of the good news of Jesus.  Scripture tells us that Jesus is coming back to earth to gather up his people and take them to heaven.  Jesus does not want to come for a bride that is unwashed, dirty, smelly, with a torn and wrinkled dress that has been worn and soiled for weeks. May we rebuild a civilization where the faith is strong and is passed on to the next generation in such a strong manner that the Bride of Jesus (the Christian Church…that’s us!) becomes so beautiful that he can no longer hold back, but comes to take her to his home in heaven for the marriage feast of the Lamb (Jesus the sacrificed Lamb of God) where we will live together in love for all of eternity forever praising the God wo has indeed been so good to us.  Let us put God’s plan to work, so that we can achieve the results that God intends and wants and will bring about.  We always remember, it is God’s work and we are only unworthy servants.