The Friends of the Omega Brigade are a vital part of its overall mission

Friends of Omega

While the longterm goal of the Omega Brigade is to include all of the world's population in the membership, we know from experience that we are best to be selective in the beginning as to who we take as members.  We view members as partners with us in this very important mission.  As a consequence, in the beginning, just as in building a house, it is important to have a very strong and solid foundation.  That means that we are looking for people who would be rated in the top 10% of the population in terms of gifts and talent, experience and effectiveness in leadership, strong character, and other capabilities.  We prefer to enroll men in the beginning so that the organization will continue to be attractive to additional men.  Both men and women are welcome with the initial emphasis upon enrolling men.  Both men and women are wlecome to join as Fridnds of Omega.  Also, anyone who is not initially accepted in the Omega Brigade, will be accepted as a Friend of Omega.


Many of the benefits of  Friends of Omega are very similar and identical to membership in Omega.  Leadership training, however, will be focused more on the members of the Omega Brigade.  Many persons who may initally join as a Friend ofr Omega will find that they are welcome to become a full member of the Omega Brigade as the organization is built and grows.  So, the real difference between full member and Friend, is more a matter of timing than anything else.  Pray that we grow strong and we grow quickly as God desires.