Why Join Us

Why Join The Omega Brigade?

There are several good reasons to join the Omega Brigade.  Below are a few important ones.

 Spiritual growth and renewal.  No matter how much we may have experienced in our spiritual lives, there is always more.  Joining the Omega Brigade will put you into a situation where you will have the opportunity to make choices that will advance your spiritual life and give you opportunities to serve as well.

 Access to valuable resources.   As a member of the Omega Brigade, you will have easy quick access to several valuable resources you can use on a regular basis.  Evangelization becomes as easy as directing someone to a website.  How much easier can that be.  We provide the content, and you provide the followup in part with the follow-up of the Omega Brigade as well.

 Support and Accountability.  No one lives as an island to themselves as was said by Jon Donne.  This is indeed true, and dwe all benefit from the support of others, and by being held accountable by those same people.

 Teaching and Training.  In the spiritual life as well as in our lives of relationships with others, there is always more to learn, and we can always benefit from the learning and experiences of others.  In today’s world and modern society that does not happen automatically unless one finds it and chooses it.  The Omega Brigade provides that choice for you in a very easy affordable manner.

 Community.  There is no better joy in life than to share the deep meaningful issues of daily life with others who are like minded and actually have our best interest at heart.  Relating on a basis of similar shared values is essential to experience the deep unity the true community can provide.  Much of the community in the Omega Brigade is experienced through the weekly disciple groups, both live and virtual, the monthly Q & A sessions open to all, the Facebook group, live events and other times of member interaction.

 The Fruits of the Spirit.  One could list these fruits individually, but they are listed here together. How valuable is Peace to you?  Do you experience joy on a consistent, daily basis?  Do you experience Love in your life?  Have you been growing in patience?  Do we need to mention kindness, goodness gentleness, and self-control?  The Omega Brigade allows and supports each individual to grow in all of the fruits of the Spirit.  Where else will you get this kind of support in your life

 Power.  We are not speaking here about power that is exercised over other people.  No, here we are speaking about the kind of inner power that allows each person to live the kind of life they were created to live, in the fullness of the Holy Spirit.  Through the Omega Brigade you can find and access that power to help you life your life.

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