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About the Omega Brigade


The Omega Brigade is an international educational training and support community of men and friends who are dedicated to Jesus Christ and his mother, Mary of Nazareth.  We endeavor together to bring all the world to faith in Jesus Christ through intercession, books, music, media, retreats, classes, parish leadership, evangelization, and community development.  

The defining book, Omega Brigade, was written in 2018 by Charles Christmas, Esq., and he and his team continue to spread the message of the Omega Brigade through digital marketing and other means listed above.  While essentially a membership community organized for male membership, yet women are currently encouraged to join the community as Friends of Omega.

Our Mission 


Our civilization, indeed, our very way of life, is slipping through our fingers faster than melting butter on a hot knife.  If something is not done, it will be too late, and it will be all gone.  Our way of life which has always been based upon respect for the other, personal freedom, and self-sacrifice. Our culture  is now turning into a dark society of violence, animosity, and control of the masses for the self-gain of an elite few.  Western Civilization, as we know it, is fast disappearing primarily because of materialism and socialism.   What does that mean?  Governments are denying personal freedoms, and the world we have known will likely be completely unknown to our grandchildren and other generations to come.  

How can we stop this menacing trend?  We must go back to the beginning.  What does that mean?  We know Western Civilization was founded upon Christian Values. For example, the first universities were founded by Christians.  The first hospitals were founded by Christians.  Equal rights for women were an outgrowth of Christian culture.  There are many other examples as well such as orphanages and care for the poor through faith based Christian communities.  The arts reached their highest standard in Christian Culture.  Look at Bach, Beethoven, Michelangelo, and others.  Science flourished in Christian culture.  Think of Albert the Great, Leonardo da Vinci and more.

However, our mission is not just to return to Christian values that Western Society was founded upon. Without the living Christ himself, Christian values do not mean much.  The original proponents of Christian values were very much engaged with the living Christ himself through the power of the Holy Spirit.  Remember, Christ is not just a historical figure who lived once and left us his teachings.  No, Christ is Jesus of Nazareth, a human/divine super spiritual being who is King of the Universe and Lord of heaven and earth.  If one does not accept that, it does not change the reality of it.  It is usually just a lack of knowledge and experience.  We live in the midst of a spiritual warfare fought by Satan and the forces of evil against God (the G.reat O.verall D.ivine) and the forces of good.  One of Satan’s biggest weapons is to deceive humans into believing neither he nor God exist.  Please don’t fall for that.  Again, knowledge and experience are required.  It is only Jesus himself who can personally empower us and lead us to the successful result we seek.

The Omega Brigade exists to put individuals and groups back in a vital relationship with Christ Jesus.  This is the only way we can save ourselves and our society and our civilization, one person at a time.  If we do not carry out this mission of the Omega Brigade, we are doomed to live under oppressive government regimes ruled by uncaring, merciless secular humanists.  Love cannot exist in such an environment.

Seriously consider joining the Omega Brigade to work with us to stem the tide of evil and reverse the direction of our culture from oppressive and non-caring to one of true freedom, happiness, and inner joy.  All this will be done with Jesus of Nazareth in the power of the Holy Spirit.  Let’s restore love to life.

Our Founder,Charles


Charles Christmas grew up in Brownsville, Tennessee in the rolling hills of Western Tennessee. A champion football player in high school as well as a state champion in track and field, Charles continued his education and athletic endeavors at Abilene Christian University where he was national champion in the 800 meters and twice All American in Division I.

It was after laws school that Charles traveled to Europe on a one-way ticket in search of the meaning of life.  Driving from Copenhagen to Kathmandu helped as it was in India and Nepal that Charles experienced the answer to his heart’s desire and prayers. All Charles’ adventures are chronicled in his bestselling book titled Omega Brigade.

After a brief career in investment banking in Memphis, Charles relocated to Ann Arbor Michigan to take membership in a Christian community.  Three years were spent in Brussels and 3 years in London as Charles worked with a team to establish similar communities there.  Upon returning to the United States, Charles became president of TSM Properties, and developed the World Headquarters for Domino’s Pizza as well as countless other commercial real estate projects. 

Charles has always been involved in evangelistic endeavors leading numerous retreats and leading worship as a musician in large conferences in Rome, Notre Dame University, Australia, and other locations as well.  Charles has had a prolific career as a composer and still writes songs today.  Charles has performed before European royalty and well as in the Vatican with Pope Saint John Paul II.

harles sensed the need for the Omega Brigade some years ago, and now is pleased to launch this new ministry as one effort to help in the battle for the Good.

Charles has authored the Omega Brigade, an international bestseller on Amazon.

Won’t you join us as a member of the Omega Brigade?