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Omega Brigade Affiliate Program and Mission

Refer Three and Free

The Omega Brigade has a generous affiliate referral program for a variety of reasons.  This program lines up perfectly with the mission of the Omega Brigade.  The basic membership dues for the Omega Brigade is $29.00 USD per month. 

At the same time, the Omega Brigade is willing to pay a 33% referral affiliate commission for each and every new member that is referred by an existing member.  This commission is perpetual.  This means that if you refer 3 new members, then your membership is free.  This is not done just as an economic incentive.  

It is done more to swiftly increase the membership of the Omega Brigade.  We realize that not everyone can easily afford a monthly membership fee. So, with the affiliate program, everyone can afford the monthly membership fee.  Just refer 3 and it is free. 

This is in perfect alignment with the mission of the Omega Brigade to spread the message and the opportunity quickly, with no limitation placed upon anyone. Additionally, those in economically challenged locations can refer others to come up with the fee. 

Every member should be spreading the message of the Omega Brigade anyway, and the Affiliate Program simply recognizes those who have taken the mission to heart and acted upon it.  One of the primary strengths of the Omega Brigade is that it supplies everyone with the resources to easily share the good news of Jesus and his gift of new life in the Spirit.

We know that if Western Civilization as we know it is going to continue, that we must return to the original values that it was founded upon.  Those values are found in the teaching and mission of the Omega Brigade.  This work is not just for our own generation, but even more so for the multiple generations that will come after us. 

Let us embrace the Affiliate referral program with energy and gusto to reach the goal of 10,000 men for Jesus Christ quickly.

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